Now It's Your Turn To Move.



Personal Training

Whether your training session is in person or virtual, Alex will customize it just for you. Using information gathered from you about your medical history and current activity level, he will help you jump start your journey toward a fit lifestyle. You will receive a free assessment to identify any physical challenges or limitations and establish your starting point. Your workout session will not end in the moment. Alex will continue to be available to answer your fitness questions on a daily basis. In addition, he can incorporate your current gym membership, personally-owned equipment and DVDs into your weekly workout routine.

Meal Plan

You can talk about what you want to achieve, but when it’s all said and done, if you want to lose weight, obtain great abs or simply learn how to eat healthy, it all starts in the kitchen. Alex will cultivate a personal meal plan just for you based around your fitness goals, food preferences, body type, personal history and so much more. You really are what you eat and Alex will address your nutritional needs in a way that sets you up to be the best version of yourself!

Transformation Coaching

“No one does it alone . . .” You will hear that statement a lot from Alex and Matteel. It’s because they have discovered the “secret sauce” and know that real permanent transformation not only means working on your body, but also on your mind – your thoughts, habits, expectations and overall mindset. Coupled with other services, Dr. Matteel provides confidential one-on-one transformation sessions where she helps you gain insight, life skills and focus on your weight loss goals. Dr. Matteel is a caring, experienced IUWE professional who has lost close to 200 pounds naturally herself and wants others to experience the same type of powerful transformation. She will be fully committed to your success every step of the way!

Fitness Plan

Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt your body for a competition, or become “beach body” ready, exercise is mission critical! What works for one person might not work for you. Figuring out the right combination of exercises to get the results you seek involves science, technique and so much more. Alex has the experience to craft the perfect fitness plan just for you based on your body type, fitness level, and goals. Your customized fitness plan will be challenging, engaging and designed for results.

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